Deadline Extension and COVID-19

The Provenance Week organization team is closely monitoring the COVID-19 developments and is taking the following measures to assure everyone’s safety, and, at the same time, the success of the conference:

  • The abstracts and paper submissions for IPAW and TaPP are extended to March 29th

  • We will allow authors to present their papers virtually, so there will be no need to be present at the event in order to participate. We will release other instructions regarding this possibility later on.

  • Author who have already submitted their papers and feel their paper is ready for review can send an email to the conference chair ( for IPAW, and for TaPP) and let them know the paper can be reviewed. This would alleviate the impact of the deadline extension on the PC members

Please consider submitting your work!

Be safe, The Provenance Week Team

  • Vanessa Braganholo (Universidade Federal Fluminense, Brazil) - IPAW PC chair
  • Boris Glavic (IIT, USA) - Senior PC chair
  • David Koop (Northern Illinois University, USA) - Demo/Poster Chair
  • Thomas Moyer (UNC Charlotte, USA) - General Chair
  • Thomas Pasquier (University of Bristol, UK) - TaPP PC chair

ProvenanceWeek 2020

  • ProvenanceWeek 2020

Following successful past ProvenanceWeek events, ProvenanceWeek 2020 will again co-locate the IPAW and TaPP workshops as well as several satellite events that focus on novel directions for provenance.

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