2020 Virtual Event

The free virtual 2020 provenance week event will be held on June 22nd. Authors of accepted TaPP, IPAW, demo, and poster papers will each give a short presentation to of their work (full presentations are proposed to the 2021 event). Furthermore, this event will give the community to connect and network. Finally, we will also present our plan for the ProvenanceWeek 2021 and the collocated ProvViz workshop.

Please consider attending!

Be safe,

The Provenance Week Team

  • Vanessa Braganholo (Universidade Federal Fluminense, Brazil) - IPAW PC chair
  • Boris Glavic (IIT, USA) - Senior PC chair
  • David Koop (Northern Illinois University, USA) - Demo/Poster Chair
  • Thomas Moyer (UNC Charlotte, USA) - General Chair
  • Thomas Pasquier (University of Bristol, UK) - TaPP PC chair

ProvenanceWeek 2020

  • ProvenanceWeek 2020

Following successful past ProvenanceWeek events, ProvenanceWeek 2020 will again co-locate the IPAW and TaPP workshops as well as several satellite events that focus on novel directions for provenance.

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