IPAW Keynote Speaker

We are glad to announce that Paolo Missier will be IPAW’s keynote speaker. Paolo Missier is Full Professor in Large-scale Information Management with the School of Computing, Newcastle University, UK, and a Fellow of the Alan Turing Institute for Data Science and AI. He joined academia in 2011, after a prior career as a Research Scientist at Bell Communications Research, USA (1994-2001), and as a Research Fellow at the University of Manchester, School of Computer Science (2004-2011) where he also obtained his PhD in 2008. Most of his research contributions have been in the area of scientific workflows for e-science and on data provenance, including contributions to the W3C PROV Working group (2011-2013). He has recently launched new research efforts in two new areas: the study of fairness in Machine Learning, and applications of (Scalable) Data Science to enable preventive, predictive, and personalised healthcare. In Newcastle, Paolo leads the School’s post-graduate module on scalable technologies for Big Data Analytics.

ProvenanceWeek 2021

  • ProvenanceWeek 2021

Following successful past ProvenanceWeek events, ProvenanceWeek 2021 will again co-locate the IPAW and TaPP workshops as well as several satellite events that focus on novel directions for provenance.

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